Ever felt like this?

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氷点下ひょうてんか – below freezing

氷点ひょうてん – freezing point

 – below



Ingurishu Kurasu

In honor of the Labor Day holiday (i.e., 3-day weekend) in America, here’s something lighthearted, but not completely inaccurate, from a classic Japanese sketch comedy program:


The Huffington Post has just started publishing in Japanese in association with Asahi Shimbun.  Head on over and take a look.  It could end up being a good language learning tool!


Mago ni mo Isho

馬子にも衣装 [まごにもいしょう] – “clothes make the man”

馬子 [まご] – packhorse driver

  • 馬 [バ・うま] – horse
  • 子 [シ・ス・こ] – child

衣装 [いしょう] – clothing; costume

  • 衣 [イ] – clothing
  • 装 [ソウ・ショウ・よそおう] – attire; disguise

I’m guessing that the idea of this one is “you can even dress up a packhorse driver and make him look nice.”  Not sure what they had against packhorse drivers.


掲載 [けいさい] – publication; to run (an article in a newspaper)

  • 掲 [ケイ・かかげる] – to put up (a notice); display
  • 載 [サイ・のせる] – place; publish


touji [とうじ] – winter solstice

  • 冬 [トウ・ふゆ] – winter
  • 至 [シ・いたる] – arrive, reach; climax


絶賛 [ぜっさん] – high praise; rave review

  • 絶 [ゼツ・たえる] – beyond; interrupt; suppress
  • 賛 [サン・たすける] – approval; praise