Phantom Slasher

通り魔 ほかにも3本のナイフ



通り魔 [とおりま] – phantom killer; phantom thief

重軽傷 [じゅうけいしょう] – major or minor injuries

殺人未遂 [さつじんみすい] – attempted murder

疑い [うたがい] – suspicion

容疑者 [ようぎしゃ] – suspect (person)

犯行 [はんこう] – crime, offense

供述 [きょうじゅつ] – affidavit; deposition; testimony;

Phantom Slasher – Three More Knives Found

Akihabara, Tokyo. Seven men and women have died and 10 have received serious and minor injuries in a series of random street slasher assaults. It has been reported that three more knives were found in the truck of a man arrested for the crime.

Kato Tomohiro (25), arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, was found to be carrying the knife used in the crimes as well as 2 folding knives in his shirt pocket. Police also found 2 more knives and a police baton in a backpack on the passenger seat of his rented two-ton truck. Another knife was found at the crosswalk near the scene of the crime, bringing the total to 5 knives. According to the investigation, Kato testified that he “bought the knife that was used in the criminal act several days ago at Fukui.” Police are trying to figure out why he had prepared so many knives for the commission of these crimes.