Asashoryu Goes to Court






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Asashōryū denies allegations of match-fixing

Claiming that the magazine “Shūkan Gendai” has damaged his honor by publishing an article giving rise to suspicions that he has been involved in Sumo match-fixing, The Japan Sumō Federation and Yokozuna Asashōryū have filed suit against publisher Kōdansha, seeking compensation for damages.  Oral proceedings began on the 3rd in Tōkyō District Court (Judge Nakamura Yasushi presiding). The central individual accused of match-fixing, Asashōryū appeared in court and flatly denied the charges, saying, “There was none.  Ever match was hard-fought.”

The Sumō Association said that this is unprecedented; there is no record of an active Yokozuna ever having testified in court.

In oral arguments, attorneys for Kōdansha asserted that “since the article has come out, it has become harder to fix matches.  One cannot deny the results.”  Asashoryu objected, stating that this is “injurious.”  Meanwhile, Takeda Yorimasa, the freelance writer who penned the article for the defendant, and the former Komusubi Sakai Keisuke appeared in court, commenting that “match fixing in Sumō is a long-established, deep-rooted tradition; cleaning it up will be impossible.”

Kōdansha’s defense team testified that former Makunouchi-ranked Waka no Hō said at a press conference that, after his arrest and indictment on charges of violation of the Cannibus Control Law were dismissed, he “became involved in fixing matches.”   Judge Nakamura is currently withholding judgment on this information.