Fast Food





With consumers aiming to save money now more than ever, many major fast food chains have been making efforts to increase both sales and the number of branch stores. Among these, the major gyudon (rice covered with beef and vegetables) chain Yoshinoya has plans to open as many as 100 new stores in the coming year.

Since resuming sales of gyudon 3 years ago, Yoshinoya has been increasing their number of stores, but the planned increase in the coming year represents an increase surpassing 20% over the previous year.

Additionally, the sandwich chain Subway will open a record 60 stores this year.  The major hamburger chain Mosburger, which has been experiencing cut backs in their number of stores, has plans to increase that number this year.

The dining industry is especially feeling the pinch as a result of consumers trying to save money.

Meanwhile, the fast food industry has garnered popularity by slashing prices, with February’s figures showing a favorable upward performance trend of 2% over last year.  In this  of state of decline, with land and building rentals dropping one after another, the competition for increasing store numbers is sure to heat up.

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