When Pigs Fly


【ジュネーブ澤田克己】世界保健機関(WHO)は4月30日、新型インフルエンザについて、「豚インフルエンザ」との表現をやめ、ウイルスの型を 示す「インフルエンザA(H1N1)」の呼称を使用すると表明した。畜産業界や国連食糧農業機関(FAO)から寄せられた風評被害への懸念を考慮したとい う。


WHO to stop use of the phrase “swine flu”

[Geneva – Sawada Katsumi] On April 30th, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it would stop using the phrase “swine flu,” and would instead refer to this new form of the virus as the “H1N1 Influenza A” virus.  This is thought to be as a result of charges of financial damages caused by bad press brought by the animal husbandry world as well as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

WHO spokesperson Thompson asserted that the new form of the flu, capable of human-to-human transmission, had become just like any other form of human influenza.