複数形 [ふくすうけい] – plural (grammatical term)

  • 複 [フク] – double; multiple
  • 数 [スウ・ス・かず] – number; figure
  • 形 [ケイ・かた] – shape; form

Most Westerners have heard of the kanji 数 (sorta), even if they aren’t aware of it.  That’s because it’s one of the characters that make up the name of the popular number puzzle “Sudoku” – 独 [すうどく].  While it’s written “Sudoku” in English, the “u” should actually be elongated slightly, as in “Sūdoku.”  So, the next time you find yourself in Kinokuniya, asking for a book on “suhdookoo,” don’t be surprised if you’re met with curious stares.

  • 数 [スウ・ス・かず] – number; figure
  • 独 [ドク・ひとり] – single; alone