Beware of Fake Amazons


SANS Internet Storm Centerによると、amazonからの注文の確認メールを装った詐欺メールが大量に出回っているようである。

その詐欺メールは、amazonからの注文確認メールと似せて作られており、本文の最後に「ORDER INFORMATION」と書かれているリンクがある。このリンクをクリックすると、複雑なJavaScriptやマルウェアが仕組まれたページに繋がっ てしまうというので、ご注意を。

Beware of scam emails made up to look like they are from Amazon

According to the SANS Internet Storm Center, there are a large number of scam emails floating around that have been made up to look like order confirmations from Amazon.

These emails, made to look like order confirmations from Amazon, have the words “ORDER INFORMATION” at the bottom, and contain a link.  If the link is clicked, the user is taken to a page which contains a complex contrivance of JavaScript and malware.  Please use caution.



  • 装った [よそおった] – to dress up; to pretend; to give the appearance of
  • 詐欺メール [さぎ] – fraud; scam; swindle
  • 注意 [ちゅうい] – caution; be careful; warning!
  • 確認 [かくにん] – confirmation; validation
  • 大量に [たいりょう] – large quantity
  • 出回っている – to appear on the market; floating around
  • 似せて作られており [にせてつくられており] – have been made up to look like
  • 本文 [ほんぶん] – text or body of a document or letter
  • 最後に [さいご] – at the end
  • 書かれている [かかれている] – is written
  • 複雑な [ふくざつな] complex; complicated (adjective)
  • 仕組まれた [] – contrived; structured
  • 繋がって [つながって] – to be connected
  • しまう – is a verb that means “to finish” or “to do something completely.”  As this is a fairly interesting construct in and of itself, I will cover it in more depth next time.

As a side note, the Japanese news article is very different from the original English language release: