資本主義 [しほんしゅぎ] – capitalism

  • 資 [シ] – assets; capital; funds
  • 本 [ホン・もと] – book; main; real
  • 主義 [シュギ] – “-ism”

As you can see, 主義 means “-ism.”  There are all sorts of -isms.  For instance, 共産主義 [きょうさんしゅぎ] means “communism.”

  • 共 [キョウ・とも] – together
  • 産 [サン・うむ] – property; product; give birth
  • 主義 [シュギ] – “-ism”

There are lots of -isms in Japanese.  I’ll be covering more of them in the future.