Kami no Ke

髪の毛 [かみのけ] – hair (on the head)

I’ve always found this phrase interesting in that it uses two different kanji for “hair” to describe hair that is specifically on the head.  Let’s break it down:

  • 髪 [ハツ・かみ] – hair (of the head)
  • の – grammatical particle that means “of”
  • 毛 [モウ・け] – fur; hair; feather; down

So… head hair fur, it is.

While we’re talking about hair, here are a few more examples:

[まえがみ] – bangs (lit. “front-hair”)

[まゆげ] – eyebrows (lit. “eyebrow-hair”)

[まつげ] – eyelashes (lit. “eyelashes-hair”)