Oil Spill


The Louisiana oil spill is affecting coastlines as far away as 160 km, says Governor.

[ベニス(米ルイジアナ州) 26日 ロイター] 米ルイジアナ州のボビー・ジンダル知事は26日、同州メキシコ湾沖の原油流出事故により、100マイ ル(160キロ)以上にわたる州内の海岸線がすでに影響を受けていると述べた。

[Venice (U.S., Louisiana) May 26th, Reuters] Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said on the 26th that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has effected intrastate coastlines for as much as 100 miles (160 km).

同知事は、国際石油資本の英BP<BP.L>と米連邦当局の対応が「手ぬるい、遅すぎる」と非難。海岸線の保護にはオイルフェンスや油回収船がもっと必 要と訴えた。

The governor criticized international oil company British Petroleum and Federal  authorities of doing “too little, too late.”  He complained that an oil-spill containment boom and oil recovery vessels were needed to protect the coastline.


In comments to the press corps broadcast on CNN, Governor Jindal announced that “more than 100 miles of our shoreline have already been impacted by this oil spill.”

語彙 – Vocabulary

  • 原油 [げんゆ] – crude oil
  • 流出 [りゅうしゅつ] – the outward flow of
  • 沿岸 [えんがん] – coast; shore
  • 以上 [いじょう] – more than; no less than
  • 影響 [えいきょう] – influence; effect
  • 知事 [ちじ] – governor
  • 米連邦当局 – [べいれんぽうとうきょく] – U.S. Federal authorities
  • 非難 [ひなん] – blame; criticize
  • 海岸線 [かいがんせん] – coastline
  • 保護 [ほご] – protect; take care of