Nise Hata Sakusen

偽旗作戦 [にせはたさくせん] – False Flag

  • 偽 [にせ] – false; counterfeit; fake
  • 旗 [はた] – flag
  • 作戦 [さくせん] – strategy
    • 作 [さく・つくる] – to make; to build
    • 戦 [せん・いくさ] – war; battle

The phrase “False Flag” refers to a covert action, often of a military nature, that is designed to deceive the public into thinking that the action was taken by another country or party.  It comes from the military concept of raising a flag other than one’s own to deceive the enemy.  (偽旗 is a literal translation of “False Flag.”)