Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sharing some nice conversation over a bowl ramen with my friend 朱可利 and one of her friends. During our 4 hour chat, Akari told me that the younger generation of Japanese have adopted using abbreviations in conversation not unlike the ones we see in English (e.g. OMG, LOL, etc.).  These “new” words are called ジャパ造語 or “Japa Coined Words.”

If you’ve been studying Japanese for a while, you might be familiar with CM [commercial], H [Hentai], NG [No Good], GW [Golden Week], or BGM [BackGround Music].  I thought I’d share a few more with y’all.

  • JK – 女子高生 [じょしこうせい] – “high school girl”
  • JD – 女子大生 [じょしだいせい] – “college girl”
  • KY – 空気読めない [くうきよめない] – someone who can’t read the situation (lit. “can’t read the air”

Here are some other fun ones that I found online:

  • JY – 状況読めない [じょうきょうよめない] – (see KY)
  • IT – アイス、食べたい! – I want to eat ice cream!
  • HR – 一人ランチ – lunch for one
  • CZ – チャクラ全開 – someone’s zipper is wide open
  • SBN – そんな馬鹿な – such a stupid…
  • DSY – 大親友 [だいしんゆう] – similar to BFF in English.
  • MHS – ジで・当に・んでしまいたい – so desperate, one wants to die

Should you want to investigate some of these newly-coined Japanese words–as long as your Japanese is pretty solid–please check out